How does a water softener work?

The calcium and magnesium in hard water are removed by resin beads as it flows through the system. Hardness ions in the water are replaced with the soft ions of the resin beads in an exchange process to create the soft water.

Once the water softener resin beads become coated with calcium and magnesium ions, their ability to soften hard water decreases. Regeneration is a process during which water is flushed through the water softener with a concentrated amount of regenerant. Resin beads exchange the soft ions from the regenerant for the hard ions. The patented self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter in the WaterMax® whole house water filtration system sends dissolved dirt, rock and sediment down the drain. Following restoration of the resin beads, the water softener goes back to work, providing the entire home with soft, clean water.

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